Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Renewing The Blog- Recalling The Past

It's been quite some time since I wrote anything here. Looking back at my very first post I find a number of things that resonate even clearer today. Specifically, I still find myself on that path of exploring the depths of the Catholic Faith to live out the best of what I have found. I want to live as a radical Catholic and I am searching for others who will join me. With that brief introduction, I share again my thoughts as a new Catholic from 2007.


I was born and raised in the Assemblies of God, a denomination of the Protestant Pentecostal tradition of Christianity. For a while I was a minister in this denomination. However, at one point I was introduced to the writings of the Church Fathers. I found a level of faith and practice that was revolutionary, profound, and consistent with everything I had read in the New Testament. This set me on a journey to re-capture this ethic. In the course of time I left the AG and joined a new denomination called the Charismatic Episcopal Church. There, I learned more of the ancient faith. I thought, prayed, and reflected further on my journey. I briefly held ordination as a priest within this group. But I was still searching. I knew I was still looking for something more.

Eventually I came to believe that I was looking for the Catholic Church. And so I continued to study, pray, and have conversation. I was recently received into the Catholic Church with my family. But my pilgrimage continues.

I no longer feel that I need to find another church, or tradition. I am convinced of the truth of the Catholic Church. I believe with all my heart this is the Church that Christ founded. It is the one, true Church. That is not to say that truth cannot be found outside of it. But, simply, I believe the fullness of truth resides here. However, having said that, I still long for the radical lifestyle lived out by those early Christians and imitated by countless saints through the ages.

In my short time within the Catholic Church, I have found many exemplary individuals who have borne witness to me of this ancient and precious faith. Yet, I am painfully aware that in the main there are a number of areas where the ancient faith and its modern (read popular) practice part ways. It is here that I still find myself on a pilgrimage. For I want nothing less than the complete imitation of Christ, and full communion with Him. I long for a complete integration of my faith such that my thoughts and actions will mirror His in this present world.

I intend to use this blog as a means to place in writing what I am feeling or thinking. I invite you, my readers, to feel free to interact with me if you so choose.


Anonymous said...

I'd enjoy having all of us Catholic converts and former AG, charismatics, or CEC folks get together for a retreat some day. We'd have so much to talk about. Blessing to you and Joni on this journey. Ken

Joni said...

I agree with Ken. That would be some reunion! It would be so amazing to hear everyone's stories. We have all come such a long, hard road. But it has definitely been worth it!

Anonymous said...

I also am a convert since 1996, that is still learning so much more about the Catholic Church. It's richness in truth, and consistency makes me dig deeper into my own soul, and the concern for others souls. We can only pray that through His graces bestowed upon us that we reach true holiness. Susan