Sunday, November 1, 2009

All Saints Day

Today is the Feast of All Saints. It is the time we remember all those who have died and are now in the Presence of the Lord. It is a very special feast in the Catholic Church.

Why do we venerate saints?

We do so to honor those who have lived holy lives. We want to hold them up as examples to be followed.

We also do so to glorify God. We realize that saints have attained such holiness only by the grace of God as given to us through our Lord Jesus Christ. To honor them is to glorify the One who has changed them.

Saints were every day people like us. They shared our circumstances and struggles. However, they chose to walk in the way of the cross and pursue holiness rather than give in to their own desires or the pressures of the surrounding society.

On this Feast of All Saints, I yearn ever more to truly be holy. I am so far from such a thing. But I trust in the Lord who has promised His power to all who call on Him in faith. By His grace I believe that I will indeed be holy and that I will be granted the gift of seeing Him face to face, if I endure to the end.

May the Lord grant us all such grace and may the prayers of all the saints aid us in our endeavor. Amen!

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