Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Bill Is Coming Due

I read with interest this article online today. It discusses the grim fact that rather than being worried about a job shortage in America today, we need to be more concerned about the fact that we do not have enough younger workers to replace retirees. Why is this the case? Well, in journalistic newspeak, adults of childbearing years are not having enough children. In fact, they haven't done so for many years. What the article conveniently omits is the reason why. It is because since 1973, this country has legalized abortion on demand. Millions upon millions of children have been eliminated (murdered) since that time. Therefore, there are not enough younger workers to replace older ones.

We began to realize this crisis around 1991 when colleges began to complain about the significant drop in enrollment driving the cost of tuition ever upward. Of course, this was only about 18 years after Roe vs. Wade so it stands to reason that those children were missing as a result of our national passion for convenience.

Today we speak of the missing workers in the job market, but the real crisis is beyond that. It is that we are fast approaching a time when there will be many more retired people than working people. This spells the collapse of the social security program as we have known it. Already some have begun to realize the impact of this impending crisis and have moved to do things like raise the age for retirement. But the reality is that it is just a band-aid on an explosive situation. Our entire economy is tied into the social security program. If it collapses, everything else goes with it.

This should come as no surprise to anyone with an ounce of moral responsibility. We can never skirt God's laws forever and have no consequence. The bill is coming due to our country. Even were we to repent on a national scale and revoke abortion on demand today, we could not stave off the immediate consequences.

God have mercy on us, not because we did not know what we were doing, but because we did know and we didn't care.

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Joni said...

What is even more sad to me is that this is not just a sin found in our own nation, but around the world.

God forgive us!