Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Today is Christmas Day! It has been truly blessed.

Our time of Advent was a lot more chaotic than we would have liked. Still, in spite of it all, there were many times of reflection and prayer in preparation, and in anticipation of Christmas. At last it has come. My children are so much fun to watch as they are so excited to see what they got for Christmas. But I feel just as giddy as I, like a child, am pondering anew and afresh the wonders of what God has given us in His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. It continues to shock and amaze me- that God loves us so much as to become one of us so that we can become like Him.

For Catholics, our Christmas season begins today and goes for 12 days (just like the song). It will conclude with the Feast of the Epiphany on January 6th. So our celebrating is just getting started. Our 4 weeks of preparation usher us into 12 days of celebration followed by an extended time of reflecting on the events of the early years of our Savior's life on earth. I am continually in awe of the wisdom of the Church to do so many things to focus our attention on these things as she does during this time of Christmas.

May all who read these pages be blessed with a truly Merry Christmas- not only today, but throughout the season!

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Joni said...

Merry Christmas, my love. How refreshing to have a "season" of Christmas, and not just a day!